Our export support activities can lead to a smooth transition towards the creation of your own foreign trade department. We are mostly oriented at an active acquisition of new customers for you, and subsequently also support ongoing contacts with those customers. We offer also permanent trade support services for those companies which do not plan to develop their own foreign trade department.


Export support activities include:

  • telemarketing - oriented at finding new business partners

  • one-off mailing - creation of a database of 100, 200 or more recipients (depending on the branch of industry)

  • drafting a presentation of your company and product in a given foreign language (pdf, PowerPoint) and sending it out to selected customers

  • periodic mailing - frequency depending on your product offer and your needs (promoting a given product, sales, etc.)

  • representing you on the foreign market - partial or complete customer service (customer enquiries, preparation of offers, pricelists etc.)

  • providing exhaustive information on your offer

  • translating business correspondence

  • support during business negotiations