Finding a suitable customer/business partner is the key to success in export. In order to help you reach potential customers, we can create extended databases of selected customers as well as verify their potential. While doing that, we make sure that your company and offer be presented in the best possible manner in accordance with the demands of the target market. Every customer featured in the database gets to know the strong points of your product/service as we treat your offer like our own and are strongly oriented at reaching the objective: finding new customers for you.

The databases include the following information:

  • company name
  • name of the decision maker within the company and their phone number
  • company contact data
  • email address
  • short description of the company's business
  • summary of contacts with this customer.


This service allows you not only to win new partners but also to get some information about the demand for a given product/service and the customer's expectations. While selecting and verifying your potential business partners, we also do research concerning your product/service in order for you to better adapt your offer to the specific market. Your offer is also presented to the potential customers with the aim of establishing long-term business relations.